Saturday, February 07, 2009

I stopped by Circuit City today (it's right next to the bookstore that was my reason for stopping). You'd figure if they're going out of business, they might have some decent deals, right? Wrong. The signs say "Everything 20-40% off original price", but I'm assuming that the bottom half of the sign was cut off - the one that said "after we raised the original price 20-40%". Case in point: those $50 digital TV converter boxes (made with $5 worth of parts, but since there's a government subsidy involved, they go for $50) - they're "Originally $59.99, now just $47.99". Wow - what a deal.

Another thing I noticed was that all of their big-ticket items (TVs and amps) had no prices marked - any time someone inquired, the salesperson would "go check" and come back with a price. I have a feeling they're just trying to guess how much the customer might be willing to pay if it's "20-40% off".

Still, there were plenty of gullible people lining up for purchases. I took a quick swing by cameras, where nothing was reasonable, and told a couple that was checking out a Canon that it was $20 cheaper at Best Buy (which it was - I was there 30 minutes ago).

Buyer beware.


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